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country-style gizzards

Preparation: 25 min

Firing: 40 min

Difficulty : **

For 8 people

  • 250 g new potatoes

  • 600g candied gizzards

  • 50g chopped chives

  • 200g tomatoes

  • 100g shallots

  • Choux pastry:

    • 25 cl of water​

    • 100 g of butter

    • salt (a pinch)

    • 125 g flour

    • 4 eggs

  • Prepare the choux pastry:

    • boil the water with the butter and a pinch of salt​

    • after dissolution add the flour to form a ball and dry it on the fire

    • to the beater add the eggs 1 by 1​​

  • Then flatten the cabbages and bake them in an oven previously heated to 180°C for about 40 min​

  • Tailler les pommes grenailles en petits dés de 1 cm​​ et les cuire à l'eau

  • Finely dice the gizzards

  • Cut the raw tomatoes into 1 cm dice (just the flesh)

  • Chop the shallots and chives

  • To mix everything

  • Arrange and serve hot as a profiterole accompanied for example by a quenelle of tartar sauce.

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