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Telephone tariffs


Price including tax on January 1, 2018 of a telephone pulse

As from 1st January 2018, including price of a phone impulse


1. General tariff for telephone communications -

General price of phone calls

The price of communications is calculated according to the pulse rates according to the destinations. These pulse rates are transcribed in duration. 

Phone call price is calculated depending on rates impulse according to the destination areas. These rates of impulse are transcribed in period.

2. Special rates -Specific rates

15: SAMU - 17: Police - 18: Fire brigadefiremen - 112: Single European emergency numberEmergency number.

Calls to these numbers are routed free of charge by the public operator (Orange, SFR, Buygues, etc.).

Calls to these numbers are free of charge by the Public Operator (Orange, SFR, Buygues, etc...).

3. Information -Information

For any information or complaint about the use of the means of telecommunication made available to you, you can contact the hotel reception. 

For any information or claim about the use of telecommunication equipment, you can contact the front desk of the hotel.

The reception -Front-desk

Job -Extension



Application of the decree of 13-10-1994, art. 2 - Application of the French decision of the 31.10.1994, art. 2

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